Non-Mydriatic Camera CR-1

Digital Retinal Camera Canon CR-1 Mark II

Digital Retinal Camera Canon CR-1 Mark II
  • 45° Non Mydriatic retinal camera
  • High Quality and High Resolution Images
  • Can be used with EOS 50D with 15.1 Megapixel resolution
  • The CR-1 comes with Canon’s Retinal Imaging Control Software for full camera control and image optimization
  • The software has extensive diagnostic tools for optimized workflow and patient management
  • Extensive network capabilities and fully DICOM compliant

Designed and engineered for outstanding image quality and ease of use, plus greater patient comfort

Ever since developing the world’s first non-mydriatic retinal camera in 1976, Canon has been a pioneer in the field of retinal imaging. Canon’s latest advancement, the non-mydriatic digital CR-1, combines state-of-the-art optics and retinal imaging technology with the renowned EOS digital SLR system to provide industry-leading image quality and efficiency. All this, in an all-new ergonomic design that’s more comfortable for the patient and easier to use than ever before.

High-quality, high-resolution images

Canon CR-1 Mark II

The CR-1 features a redesigned optical system that achieves extremely detailed, high-resolution diagnostic images of the retina for accurate detection and monitoring of ocular conditions including diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. The high pixel count of the attached EOS digital SLR camera delivers detailed image quality even when magnified. Once captured, images are transferred to a connected PC for review.

Comfortable, ergonomic design

The all-new design of the CR-1 integrates advanced specifications into an ergonomic unit that facilitates operation by motorizing procedures usually performed by hand. The intuitive controls, viewing monitor, and the streamlined form have all been designed for improved ease of use and comfort. It’s also patient-friendly. Because retinal images are easy to obtain, exams can be completed in less time.

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Key Features

True 45-degree image

Canon CR-1 Mark II 45-degree image

The CR-1 features a redesigned optical system that achieves high-resolution diagnostic images at a 45° angle of view.

2x digital magnification

Canon CR-1 Mark II 2x digital magnification

2x mode provides a closer, more magnified view of the retina. It works by automatically cropping out the peripheral edges of the image so that the region of interest is larger in the frame. Close-ups are extremely clear and detailed thanks to the high pixel count of the attached digital camera.

Easy alignment and focusing

Easy alignment and focusing Canon CR-1 Mark II

Image capture is fast and easy thanks to a simple two-step procedure. First, you align the two halves of a split pupil image. Then you switch to the retinal display, and adjust the split lines and working distance dots to achieve the correct focus and distance to the retina for clear, sharp images every time.

Motorized chin rest Canon CR-1 Mark II

Motorized chin rest

The motorized chin rest can be moved up and down to accommodate the patient’s height using a pair of buttons located on the operation panel.

One-hand joystick operation Canon CR-1 Mark II

One-hand joystick operation

The illuminated operation panel enables easy one-handed operation in darkened rooms.

Canon CR-1 Control Software

Canon Control Software

The efficiency of the CR-1 goes beyond image capture. The network capability and control software of the CR-1 work to streamline the entire diagnostic workflow, allowing you to conveniently review, analyze, print, store and transmit images to remote viewing locations. The DICOM compliant network interface enables easy integration with existing image management systems and allows connection to a variety of network configurations such as LAN, WAN and PACS.

Network Capabilities

The bundled Retinal Imaging Control Software for the CR-1 puts tools for comprehensive study management and image capture control at your fingertips, in an intuitive graphical interface that’s simple and straightforward to use. The PC based software provides quick, easy input and access to all information and images required to assist in your diagnosis.

Workflow of a Typical Exam

  • Input/receive patient data
  • Position patient
  • Rough alignment
  • Fine alignment and focus adjustment
  • Capture image
  • Confirm image
  • Save image
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Canon CR-1 Mark II Specifications

Type Digital retinal camera, Non mydriatic
Angle of view 45 degrees
Magnification view X2 (Digital)
Operation distance 35 mm from the front of objective lens
Minimum pupil size 4 mm (Approx. o 3.7 mm in SP mode)
Image size 14 mm on the sensor
Attachable digital camera Canon EOS digital SLR camera
Sensor resolution 10.1 megapixels or higher
Patient’s diopter Without compensation lens: −10D to +15D
With «-» compensation lens: −7D to −31D
With «+» compensation lens: +11D to +33D
Working distance Anterior eye display: split lines adjustment
Retinal display: working distance dots
Internal fixation target LED dot matrix, green
Light source IRED for observation, Xenon tube for photography
Built-in monitor 5.7-inch color LCD monitor
Power supply AC100-240 50/60Hz 1-0.4A
Operating environment Temperature: 10°C to 35°C
Humidity: 30% RH to 80% RH (with no condensation)
Dimensions (W × D × H) 320 mm × 530 mm × 550 mm (12.7 in. × 20.7 in. × 21.9 in.)
Weight Approx. 21.5 kg (47.4 lb.)


  • Main unit
  • Objective lens cap
  • Camera mount cap
  • Chin rest paper (100 sheets)
  • Power cable
  • Dust cover
  • CD-ROM (Retinal imaging control software NM)

Optional Accessories

  • External eye fixation lamp EL-1
  • Chin rest paper (500 sheets)
How to Buy

To purchase any equipment or consumables, please contact our consultants by phone in Kyiv:

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